Delete specific dotnet SDK or Runtime version

First of all you could run this command on the terminal to list installed SDKs and runtimes versions.

dotnet-core-uninstall list for Mac ./dotnet-core-uninstall list
Sample results;
NET Core SDKs:

  6.0.300-preview.22159.24  (x64)  [Used by Visual Studio for Mac. Specify individually or use —-force to remove]

  6.0.200-preview.22071.6   (x64)                                                                                                 ....                                                                         

.NET Core Runtimes:

  6.0.2-servicing.1.22063.8  (x64)                                                                                        

  6.0.2                      (x64)  [Used by Visual Studio for Mac or SDKs. Specify individually or use —-force to remove]       


Then it will be enough to run this command to delete the version you want.

dotnet-core-uninstall remove --sdk 6.0.300-preview.22159.24


dotnet-core-uninstall remove --runtime 6.0.2-servicing.1.22063.8




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